Gachengoh Farm

Our mission is to provide fresh, healthy, and sustainably grown produce to communities across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Our goal is to help feed 1 billion people by leveraging innovative vertical farming technologies and
sustainable agriculture practices.

Our Solution

Welcome to Gachengoh Farm, where our mission is as bold as the African sunrise – to combat hunger and save the lives of over 280 million starving and undernourished Africans. We envision a future where fresh, healthy, and sustainably grown food reaches the plates of 1 billion people. The future of Agriculture using technology, AI and Blockchain.

Farm Software

Our proprietary software uses AI to manage the vertical farm and the distributed container farms. The software is designed to optimize crop growth and ensure quality while minimizing resource consumption.

Blockchain Technology

Our mobile app is based on blockchain technology. The app will provide farmers with a centralized platform to monitor their container farms, access analytics, and track the food from source to table.

Crop Monitoring

We use drones for our vertical farm monitoring. This allows us to quickly identify potential issues such as nutrient deficiencies or plant diseases, which can then be addressed promptly

Solar Energy

Gachengoh farm's commitment to sustainability will be evident in its use of solar energy to power the vertical farm and container farms. Africa's abundant sunshine makes it an ideal location for use of solar energy.

95% less water

Gachengoh farm will also be highly efficient in its water usage. The farm will use 95% less water than traditional farming methods by recirculating and filtering water throughout the system.

Crowd Farming

The power to cultivate change is now in the palm of your hand. Our revolutionary mobile application empowers individuals like you to become the architects of a sustainable future.

Combating Hunger

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Our Products

Where nature’s bounty thrives! We take pride in cultivating a diverse array of fresh, wholesome delights, ranging from crisp lettuces and vibrant microgreens to aromatic herbs, nutrient-packed leafy greens, delicious veggies, and earthy mushrooms. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that every produce is grown with utmost care, free from harmful chemicals, and brimming with natural goodness. 


Discover a kaleidoscope of flavors and textures in our delightful lettuce variety. From the refreshing crunch of Green Crisphead and the vibrant hues of Red Oak Leaf to the classic appeal of Green Romaine and the velvety smoothness of Butter Lettuce, our carefully nurtured selection also includes the rich tones of Red Leaf, the refreshing Green Leaf, and the delicate, crystal-like leaves of Crystal Lettuce. Elevate your salads straight from our farm to your plate.

Micro Greens

Indulge in the exquisite flavors and vibrant colors of our microgreens at Gachengoh Farm! Savor the aromatic essence of Basil Microgreens and the peppery kick of Arugula as they add a burst of freshness and nutrients to your dishes. Handpicked at the peak of perfection, our microgreens are cultivated with utmost dedication to bring you the finest culinary delights that elevate every meal to new heights.


Embark on a tantalizing journey of flavors with our bountiful selection of herbs at Gachengoh Farm! From the earthy allure of Sage and the exotic essence of Thai Basil to the zesty charm of Coriander and the aromatic notes of Thyme, our hand-grown herbs are a chef's dream come true. Elevate your culinary creations with the freshest Dill, Greek Basil, Greek Cress, Peppermint, Chives, and Peruvian Mint, and experience the magic of nature's finest ingredients in every delectable dish.

Leafy Greens

Our leafy greens collection offers a symphony of colors, textures, and flavors that will delight any palate! Dive into the wholesome goodness of Spinach and the nutrient-packed Kale, or embrace the peppery zest of Red-Stem Mizuna and Golden Frills Mustard. Indulge in the captivating variety of Mustard Mix, Baby Green Pak Choi, Golden Purslane, Red-Veined Sorrel, and Baby Purple Pak Choi, all meticulously cultivated to bring you the freshest and most vibrant leafy greens for a healthy and delectable culinary experience like no other.


Immerse yourself in a world of delectable delights with our exceptional mushroom selection at Gachengoh Farm! From the rich and savory Shiitake mushrooms, each variety is carefully nurtured to perfection, ensuring the finest quality for your culinary endeavors. Elevate your dishes with the earthy flavors and velvety textures of our homegrown Shiitake mushrooms, and experience the essence of nature's finest offerings in every delightful bite.


At Gachengoh Farm, our veggie selection is a celebration of fresh, wholesome goodness! Revel in the crispness of Radish, the juicy sweetness of Tomatoes, the vibrant crunch of Capsicum, and the refreshing delight of Cucumber, all nurtured with utmost care for exceptional taste and quality. With our homegrown veggies, your culinary creations will thrive with the natural flavors and nutrition straight from our farm to your table, bringing joy to every meal.



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